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What Is a Geriatric Care Manager?

Geriatric care managers are a relatively new addition to the field of elderly care and many people are not aware of the valuable services a geriatric care manager can provide.  While no specific licensing or certification currently exists for geriatric care managers, the majority of geriatric care managers have advanced degrees in fields such as nursing, sociology, and psychology.  Geriatric care managers should have extensive experience in elderly care, independent of the field of study in which the geriatric care manager has a degree.  The main goal of a geriatric care manager is to assess the needs of the elderly client and coordinate the care plan for the elderly client.  In addition to providing an in-depth assessment of the elderly client, a geriatric care manager may be able to coordinate legal and financial services that will help the elderly client.  Geriatric care managers are especially helpful for families that can no longer handle the responsibility of caring for an elderly loved one or for families that live a long distance from an elderly loved one.  Families or caregivers who call upon the services of a geriatric care manager should always feel confident and comfortable with the chosen geriatric care manager and should have frequent and open communication with the geriatric care manager for the duration of the relationship.

Care Plan Information™ Can Help Families Coordinate a Care Plan

The primary concerns of a geriatric care manager are properly assessing the needs of the elderly client and ensuring that the client is receiving the best possible care for the individual’s needs.  Care Plan Information™ can help families outline the necessary care plan for an elderly loved one which will provide helpful insight to a geriatric care manager.  Visit www.CarePlanInformation.com today to order information that helps families address the needs of an elderly loved one.

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