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The Benefits of Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy has extensive benefits both for elderly persons who have suffered from a life altering event, such as a fall or a stroke, and for elderly people who have a reasonably high quality of life.  Elderly people who have occupational therapy after a life altering event can regain a certain measure of independence.  Occupational therapy can provide training in the use of adaptive devices, such as wheelchairs, walkers, and orthotics, to elderly persons with limited mobility.  Occupational therapy also provides support to elderly persons suffering from depression and other psychological conditions that impact the daily life of the elderly person.  The main goal of occupational therapy is to increase independence and better the quality of life for people who partake in occupational therapy.  A skilled nursing facility should provide occupational therapy, with a trained occupational therapist, to residents in order to increase or maintain mobility, elevate the mood state, and contribute to a higher quality of life.  Occupational therapy is being used in an increasing number of ways due to the myriad benefits of occupational therapy for patients.  Asking questions about occupational therapy and the frequency of occupational therapy can help families determine whether a particular skilled nursing facility can provide the optimum level of care to an elderly loved one.

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