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Proper Nutrition for the Elderly

As the body ages, nutritional requirements also change.  The changes in the dietary necessities of elderly people need to be addressed by caregivers or the staff of a skilled nursing facility.  Studies have shown that a large percentage of elderly people do not get the daily nutrient requirements needed.  A lack of proper nutrition in elderly persons can lead to a number of different health problems, including depression and dementia.  In order to prevent such health problems from occurring, proper nutrition is essential for elderly people.  Proper nutrition for elderly people includes a reduction of fat intake and an increase in protein.  Because many elderly people face problems of isolation and occlusion, getting the proper nutrition can be difficult.  When elderly people enter a skilled nursing facility, proper nutrition is an issue that should be addressed by the staff.  During the care plan meetings, proper nutrition for an elderly loved one should be addressed with the staff in order to ensure that an elderly loved one will have all of the nutritional daily requirements fulfilled.  For a family to feel confident and comfortable with the chosen skilled nursing facility, the staff of the skilled nursing facility should address any question the family has openly and honestly. 

Care Plan Information™ Can Help Families Make Good Decisions

Care Plan Information™ gives families a useful guide to help make decisions about a skilled nursing facility.  If the staff of a skilled nursing facility is unable to adequately answer the questions posed by the information in the Care Plan Information™ packet, then the family will know what to do.  If the question is about proper nutrition or about senile dementia, the Care Plan Information™ packet can help families find the right answers to such questions.  Visit www.CarePlanInformation.com today to order a packet.

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