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Impaired Visual Function

As people age, one of the most common problems to arise is impaired visual function.  Impaired visual function can be the result of several things, including cataracts and diabetes.  Impaired visual function in the elderly can make doing everyday tasks, such as cooking or reading the mail, impossible.  Low vision, described as an inability to do everyday tasks even with the help of corrective lenses, is the most common type of impaired visual function in people over 60.  Low vision and other types of impaired visual function can make certain activities, like driving, extremely dangerous and therefore should be assessed as early as possible.  If family is considering placing an elderly loved with reduced visual function into a skilled nursing facility, the condition and the extent of the condition should be discussed with the staff.  The staff of a skilled nursing facility should have clear methods of dealing with a progressive decline in visual function evidenced by residents.  If an elderly loved one is experiencing severely reduced visual function that prevents the person from participating in various activities, such as reading or socializing activities, the skilled nursing facility should have other options available to the resident to prevent feelings of isolation.

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