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Does Medicare Cover Nursing Home Costs?

Eligibility for Medicare is based on several requirements, including age and disability.  The Medicare program has undergone many changes since the inception of the Medicare program in 1965 and has come to include optional coverage for prescription drugs. Every employed individual in the United States pays into the federally funded Medicare program which means that eventually every individual in the United States will be eligible for Medicare.  The eligibility requirements for Medicare include working for at least 10 years and paying into the Medicare system through taxes which have been automatically deducted from the paycheck and being age 65 or over.  Individuals who do not meet the above eligibility requirements may receive Medicare benefits if other eligibility requirements can be met.  Nursing home costs are covered under Medicare benefits if the nursing home is providing constant medical care, such as care for Alzheimer’s patients.  Nursing home costs are not covered by Medicare if the recipient is not receiving any sort of rehabilitation or merely requires help with the activities of daily life, like personal care and housekeeping activities.  Since Medicare is a federally funded program, all legal residents of the United States are eventually eligible but certain restrictions apply. 

Using Care Plan Information™ to Determine Which Nursing Home Is Right

Choosing a nursing home while navigating the Medicare system can be very difficult.  Care Plan Information™ provides helpful information to determine which nursing home will provide necessary care for an elderly loved one and whether or not Medicare will cover the cost of the nursing home.  All nursing homes that accept Medicare must meet federal regulations regarding quality of care so further information about possible nursing homes is available.  Visit www.CarePlanInformation.com today to order information that helps families address the needs of an elderly loved one.

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