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Defining Delirium

Delirium is characterized by sudden changes in mental status, including changes in attentiveness and coherence.  Delirium should not be confused with dementia as dementia is a long-term problem and delirium is temporary.  Delirium is not infrequent among the elderly and can be brought on by a number of situations.  Introduction or cessation of a medication can cause delirium as can a nutritional imbalance, such as low electrolytes or dehydration.  Delirium is often experienced by an elderly person after an emergency medical procedure, such as setting a broken hip, or by an infection.  Elderly persons are particularly susceptible to delirium caused by reduced sensory input, because of blindness or deafness, or because of a pre-existing mental impairment, like a stroke.  Delirium is a temporary mental state that can be resolved with proper care and time.  If an elderly loved one periodically suffers from delirium, the elderly care facility staff should be made of aware of the problem and should provide the family with information on how the elderly care facility deals with delirium.

Using Care Plan Information™ To Establish A Care Plan

In the event of an episode of delirium, an elderly care facility should have a decisive plan to assess and remedy the delirium.  When a family is choosing an elderly care facility, many issues regarding the health and well-being of the elderly loved one must be taken into consideration.  Care Plan Information™ will help the family discuss the needs of the elderly loved one with the staff of an elderly care facility in order to ensure the elderly loved one will receive the necessary care.  Deciding on the right elderly care facility is easier when Care Plan Information™ is used as a guide. Visit www.CarePlanInformation.com today to order information that helps families address the needs of an elderly loved one.

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