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Communication Difficulties in Elderly People

Elderly people experience communication difficulties for a variety of different reasons.  Dementia is one of the major causes of communication difficulties in elderly people.  Communication difficulties resulting from dementia can include difficulty forming whole sentences and difficulty recalling words or phrases.  Strokes also lead to communication difficulties in elderly people, resulting in a total inability to communicate, in some cases, or in a decreased ability to effectively communicate.  Communication difficulties can be particularly frustrating to elderly people and lead to feelings of depression and isolation.  In order to prevent a depressed mood state that results from communication difficulties, the staff of a skilled nursing facility should demonstrate patience and provide the elderly resident with alternate methods of communication when possible.  Communication difficulties related to dementia and strokes can also result in comprehension difficulties.  Such comprehension difficulties should be assessed as early as possible in order to maintain an optimum level of care for an elderly loved one.  Since communication difficulties are generally related to other, more serious, health problems, an elderly person demonstrating communication difficulties should be closely monitored. 

Using Care Plan Information™ to Assess a Skilled Nursing Facility

The Care Plan Information™ packet provides families with a valuable guideline to use when assessing a skilled nursing facility.  Care Plan Information™ can help families make the right choices when choosing a skilled nursing facility for an elderly loved one, especially prior to the admittance of the elderly loved one into a skilled nursing facility.  Families who are educated about the necessary standards of care for an elderly loved one can more easily communicate with the staff of a skilled nursing facility so the elderly loved one can receive the best care. Visit www.CarePlanInformation.com today to order an information packet.

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