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Being Aware of Elder Abuse

Unfortunately, abuse towards the elderly is becoming increasingly frequent, especially since the elderly population is rising in numbers.  Elder abuse can take many forms and recognition of the various kinds of elder abuse can help to stop or prevent the abuse.  Elder abuse can take the form of physical or sexual abuse, which can be recognized by both physical signs, like bruises, and personality changes, like depression and withdrawal from activity.  Elder abuse can also be emotional in nature, where the elderly person is verbally demeaned in some way.  Unfortunately, elder abuse has other manifestations, such as neglect.  Neglect happens most often among elderly persons who have Alzheimer’s or a similar condition that prevents the patient from speaking about a problem.  Elder abuse does not necessarily always happen at the hands of elderly care facility staff, although many incidences of abuse by staff members have been documented.  Elder abuse may, in fact, be self-inflicted, especially when the elderly person is suffering from a mentally degenerative condition.  When an elderly person is being abused, warning signs include a withdrawal from social activities, depression, weight loss, and a severe personality change.  Recognizing and reporting elder abuse is the best way to prevent further abuse and to protect other elderly people from being abused.

Care Plan Information™ Can Help Families Recognize Elder Abuse

Care Plan Information™ gives families useful information to constantly assess the needs of an elderly loved one.  Devising a care plan for an elderly loved one can help families protect an elderly loved one against elder abuse because Care Plan Information™ can help families openly discuss issues with the staff of an elderly care facility.  Visit www.CarePlanInformation.com today to order information that helps families address the needs of an elderly loved one.

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