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Being Aware of Behavioral Symptoms

Recognizing behavioral changes in an elderly loved one can be the first step in getting proper care for an elderly loved one.  Behavioral changes in an elderly loved one can be indicators of a more serious medical issue.  Behavioral symptoms of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia can be dramatic personality changes, forgetfulness, and depression.  Recognition of such behavioral symptoms can help to provide an early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s which can lead to treatment that can help to slow the progression of the disease.  Depression is especially prevalent in the elderly community and behavioral symptoms of depression include lack of willingness of the person to participate in activities formerly enjoyed, sleeping for greater periods of time, and a loss of appetite.  Other behavioral symptoms that are indicative of greater problems include incidences of physical or verbal abuse, displaying actions that are considered socially inappropriate, and refusing care from caregivers or staff members of an elderly care facility.  When behavioral symptoms become apparent, the care plan that has been devised for an elderly loved one should be revised in order to address potential problems and monitor other behaviors.  If an elderly loved one is already displaying behavioral symptoms that suggest a deeper problem, the staff of an elderly care facility should be made aware of the symptoms. 

Using Care Plan Information™ to Assess an Elderly Loved One

Care Plan Information™ can help families assess whether or not an elderly loved on is displaying behavioral symptoms of a deeper problem.  Alerting the staff of an elderly care facility will help the staff members make appropriate changes in the care plan to give an elderly loved one the necessary care.  Visit www.CarePlanInformation.com today to order information that helps families address the needs of an elderly loved one.

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