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Be Familiar with Elderly Rights

Families admitting an elderly loved one to a skilled nursing facility should be familiar with elderly rights and the responsibilities of the staff of a skilled nursing facility to uphold such rights.  Violations of elderly rights are serious and families who are familiar with elderly rights are empowered to prevent physical or psychological harm that can be the result of a violation of elderly rights.  For example, elderly rights include a right to Medicare benefits and skilled nursing facilities receive Medicare monies to supplement the costs of caring for patients.  Because skilled nursing facilities receive Medicare money, the facilities are required by law to provide a certain standard of care.  If the facility does not provide the legal standard of care, the facility is in violation of elderly rights.  Other elderly rights deal with the use of physical restraints, which must be prescribed by a physician.  If the staff of a skilled nursing facility is employing the use of physical restraints for convenience or without the consent of the physician, the staff is violating elderly rights.  Families who are familiar with elderly rights are better prepared to assess a skilled nursing facility prior to admitting an elderly loved one.  Familiarization with elderly rights will empower families to make the right decisions regarding the quality of care administered by an elderly care facility.

Using Care Plan Information™ to Assess a Skilled Nursing Facility

Care Plan Information™ gives families useful tools to evaluate skilled nursing facilities. Using Care Plan Information, families will know what to expect from the staff of the chosen skilled nursing facility.  Becoming familiar with elderly rights is part becoming educated about a skilled nursing facility. Go to www.CarePlanInformation.com today to order an information packet. 

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