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A packet of organizational materials for
families of loved ones entering or residing
in a Skilled Nursing Care Facility.


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Using the Medicare Website to Evaluate Nursing Homes
New Product Helps Navigate Skilled Nursing Care
Understanding Dementia
Concerns About Pressure Ulcers
The Benefits of Nursing Home Living
What is a Nursing Home?
Defining Delirium
Falls and Accident Prevention
Being Aware of Elder Abuse
All About Adult Daycare
What is a Geriatric Care Manager?
What are "Activities of Daily Living"?
Ensuring Psychosocial Well-Being
Being Aware of Behavioral Symptoms
When Assisted Living is the Right Choice
Does Medicare Cover Nursing Home Costs?
Alzheimer's Disease and Elderly Care
Proper Nutrition for the Elderly
Learn About Cognitive Loss and the Elderly
Impaired Visual Function
What to Know about Care Plan Meetings
The Debate about Physical Restraint
Encourage an Elderly Loved One to Communicate
Why are Feeding Tubes Used?
The Benefits of Occupational Therapy
Communication Difficulties in the Elderly
The Elderly and Dental Care
Be Familiar with Elderly Rights
The Necessity for Skilled Interventions

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