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A packet of organizational materials for
families of loved ones entering or residing
in a Skilled Nursing Care Facility.


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CPI - Care Plan Information

What Is Care Plan Information?

  1. Organizational materials for families of loved ones entering or residing in a Skilled Nursing Care Facility
  2. A detailed and custom designed worksheet for organizing the information you will need when placing someone in a SNF
  3. A detailed guide to help you organize and plan for Skilled Nursing Careplanning meetings

Knowledge is Power…and Comfort

In everyday language, you are buying a service in a growing and highly competitive industry. Just like when you buy a new car or select a financial advisor, the more you know about the product or service and how the seller functions, the better positioned you will be to make excellent decisions. The more you know and understand the language and forms used to develop a Skilled Nursing Care Plan or Plan of Care, the easier and less stressful the transaction will be. Care Plan Information will give you the tools you need to understand how a Care Plan is established, and how your family or loved one will be cared for in a Skilled Nursing Facility.

Rather than sitting and listening to someone tell you what you need or want, Care Plan Information prepares you to take a proactive role in deciding what Care Plan is best for your loved one.

Just wading through the Care Plan forms is a nightmarish experience and one fraught with pitfalls. In most instances you will never even know what forms are used.

The Care Plan Information puts you in a position where you will know exactly what you are filling in and what you’re signing when that time comes.

Care Plan conferences are, often by design, hurried affairs that leave you little time to gather information or fully understand the process. By studying and using the Care Plan Information package in advance you can avoid being rushed into bad decisions.

Care Plan Information teaches you how information is gathered and used in a Skilled Nursing Facility. This helps you work with caregivers to formulate the best Plan of Care for your loved one.

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