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A packet of organizational materials for
families of loved ones entering or residing
in a Skilled Nursing Care Facility.


"What priceless information! I wish this care plan workbook had been available when my mom had to put my grandfather into a Skilled Nursing Care Facility. It really would've saved her a lot of stress and hardships."
   – Matt L., Idaho

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Care Plan Information – The Comprehensive Planning Guide to Skilled Nursing Care

Admitting a loved one into a Skilled Nursing Care Facility can be an overwhelming, emotional ordeal. Often you are under stress, due to your concern over a loved one�s condition, and you might make mistakes that have long-term and deleterious effects. There are many choices to be made and, more often than not, you�ll be asked to make decisions quickly, with little time to fully understand the important discussions and documents that will form the basis of the Care Plan for the Skilled Nursing Care Facility resident.

A little time spent learning the basics now will prepare you, and lessen the need for crisis management later.

Customized worksheets of Care Plan Information will help you:
  • Ask the right questions so your loved one receives the best care
  • Avoid being rushed into bad decisions
  • Know exactly what you are being asked by the staff
  • Work with caregivers to formulate the best nursing care plan for your loved one.
"I wish I could have had this Care Plan Information Packet when I was admitting my mother to the nursing home. It would have given me the information necessary to talk to all the doctors, and staff to set up the best care for my mother. Mistakes could have been avoided and the stress of being a care giver could have been diminished."
   – Jennifer A., New York City
Listen to a radio interview with Jacqueline Marcell's on her internet radio program "Coping with Caregiving" about Care Plan Information and its benefits to people dealing with elderly care. Click here

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